4 pups behind my house’s triangle field

Heard some pups barking – sooo cute!! – lately behind my house. There’s a small triange field which is covered with grass, some papaya trees, some flower (dont know wat but it’s for the hair) trees planted by my Indian neighbour.. some junk cars, trucks (from 1 of the other side’s who is in construction business). Underneath it r probably bones of pigeons who had died many yrs ago (v buried them). V no longer offer burial services for birds which die at our home.

Somehow, there’s a small chair & 4 puppies under 1 tree. Yesterday I wanted to come out & play with them but saw a huge German Shephard & 1 lady walking around there. I dared not come out lest the German Shephard chase me!

Later in the evening, there was sound effect from the sky = thunders! Oy, poor doggies. I said aloud: Might as well I pet them lar.

Mom: U?! U r not at home most of the time?!
I: Eh?! I am at home everyday now! No working yet!

C. My mom had been bitten by a stupid crazy dog b4 & she’s got some phobia. Tat was mm about 7-8 yrs ago, I think. Mayb 10 yrs ago. At Tmn Sri Sinar when the houses were just finished & her father bought a 3storey house for us. Our neighbour was 1 mean family & a meaner dog. It just came out suddenly from their house & bit my mom’s thigh. Had to b given shot on my mom. My mom politely told the owner to watch the dog. The bitchy woman retorted: Who told u to stand there? (Mom was standing at the border of our new house & hers) V could’ve sued her but mom being a soft (or weak, c how u c it) person, she didn’t do anything about the owner or the dog.

So.. once I hv my own home, I’ll hv a pup.. Till then, I can dream & hug my wooly doggie to sleep.

Sometime in the midnite yest/this morning, it really rained! Cats & dogs! I suddenly tot of the pups..Aiyo, wet lor.. Bro said they hv owner 1 lar. What?! Why is the owner leaving the 4 of them in the fields?! So irresponsible!

Somemore there r some Myanmar/Viet ppl who kidnap stray cats to eat. Free mah.. I heard from some neighbours lar. There r very few cats remaining behind my house already.

Read about dogs in Bangkok: Bangkok Street Dogs

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