Altho I had nitemare of being chased & bitten by a mad dog, after coming home from stepping on rubber reflextology – it’s really painful – at a park nearby 2ndary school, I heard the sounds of the cute puppies barking again! :D

Yeay, got out to the triange field. Arr? Gone already.. :(

Then I heard them again at the longkang & some wooden stuff – neighbour’s renovating house. 1 of them pranced over to me, darting around but dare not get close. So I sat there (not on the drain but on the raised platform near the drain) & rubbed my left palm on its head & ears, then body. :D It licked my shorts, thighs & tried to stand up. CUTE!!! :-*

Then it’s sibling came over & I gave the same attention to tat guy. Not sure if they r female/male .. The other 2 shy shy so I got back home.. :)

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