Qaisy & Laila (Updated)

I watched this movie under 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival 2005 yest @ KLCC. I had heard of it but I rarely go to cinema to watch local movies unless it’s RM7 or FOC. OK, I’m guilty of not supporting local films by buying movie tickets or VCD/DVD but I’m a friend of Malaysian Film in Friendster. Oh wait! I had watched the local 4 ghost stories, paid full price!

Qaisy & Laila

The movie after this was a Korean which I wanted to watch too. I tot tat I’d rush out of cinema once this movie ended & I’d queue for the Korean 1.

The lead actress, Nur Fazura (Gol & Gincu) is really pretty, she looks a bit like Siti Nurhaliza. Even her Laila’s real name Siti Nurlaila sounds like some1 heh?

The movie opened with a group of kids playing around happily & then suddenly there was helicopter flying over & the area was bombed. Some kids & adults there died, some attacked by ppl in guns. It was such a shock to see such opening. It hits u tat Afghanistan is a place where innocence & peace are so … fragile.

Laila’s daddy acted like loving father & spouse at home but he abused her mummy. Mummy’s life was only her family & in the morning she would prepare breakfast in blue black bruises.

Being a rich girl, she wanted to proof to herself that she was made of stronger stuff & she went off to Afghanistan as a volunteer under MERIT. Once she reached the area, she met with many obstacles – bombing almost everyday somewhere, orphanage kids and also her new hate-love interest Qaisy.

When Qaisy appeared in the screen, a Malay woman sitting on my row asked her frens, “Wahh.. handsome eh?” *chuckled* He’s ok, with rabbit teeth & fierce eyebrows. Exotic eyes. Jehan Miskin, who played Qaisy, actually has ancestors in Afghanistan!

When Qaisy took Laila’s stuff to be carried in, she scolded him for touching her stuff & they disliked each other. But after that, they had to be close as Qaisy, a local, was the translator & ‘protector’. I don’t understand how Umie Aida’s Dr Suria can be such a cheerful, smart & understanding person & also angry till she shouted unreasonably. & the hands on the forehead, sighing in frustration is too much repeated in the movie. Mayb she has Jekyl & Hyde personality.

Love Qaisy’s buddy, Sadiq (played by Radhi Khalid of local tv comedy series Spanar Jaya fame), the van driver (also a volunteer)! He has the funniest, insightful lines! He also won Best Supporting Actor in Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18, 2005.

Laila: Why are we stopping?
Sadiq explained: Trouble, sister. Trouble.
Another male volunteer sounded like the trip was cut short due to the lion is sleeping in the zoo only: What’s going on? Is it dangerous here? (duh)
Sadiq/another Afghanistan volunteer: Bombing.
Laila, worried: What? Bombing?
Sadiq said non-chalantly: Yes, bombing. Everyday. Dangerous. But normal. Don’t worry sister. It’s dangerous but normal.
Afghanistan volunteer: We’ll come back later.

Tat was funny hearing him say tat like it’s nothing. But it’s a reality there that ppl became numbed with the sound of bombing everyday. Sad, isn’t it?

Sometimes the movie lines felt like they belong to a Bollywood movie.

Qaisy: I miss u so much. I so very miss u…

There’s also another scene I love when Qaisy & Laila were walking in some field of crops & the wind was blowing very strongly. They were having a hard time walking forward & I guessed there must b some err sand in the wind… Qaisy took off his black shawl & covered Laila’s head with it, they walked together adjusting the shawl on her head for a while. I tot they would walk together under 1 shawl but they didn’t. So romantic & caring… sigh…

The males there are also potrayed as MCP. When there was loud shooting sound, they stopped in the middle of the dessert. Qaisy & Sadiq came out of the van to check carefully. Tire puncit. Qaisy tried to push the car while Sadiq tried to start the van, to no avail. Haha! Laila got down & tried to push but they stopped her. When Sadiq got down & motivated Qaisy, the whole cinema LOL. They just ignored Laila’s suggestions about checking other parts of the car. Finally she couldn’t stand it & she tried to start the car & drove off shouting, “Malaysia Boleh!” Hehe..

It’s great tat Malaysians are coming with more interesting, touching yet entertaining movies lately. Hope the local film industry will improve more..

1 thing I am confused about is Nurjana, Qaisy’s only sis survivor from his family was caressed, kissed by Qaisy so much tat I tot they were having incest or sth. Do Afghans have so much loving touching, even within family?

This movie will be screened again at KLCC TGV at 6:50 PM. More movies for 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival here. Go watch it!

The below paragraph contains Spoilers (drag ur mouse over it to read)!
I wished the ending had been different for the fates of Shadiq, Nurjana, Qaisy & Laila but it’s a realistic ending, I guess. Sigh..

FilemKita – Qaisy & Laila


Update 2 Jul 2007

The lead actress Nur Fazura who looks gorgeous and demure in the movie is now in the court for a ‘bitching fight’ with another woman for a guy. Jehan fared better and is hosting shows and more tv dramas. Meanwhile, funny guy Radhi Khalid is getting more offers in roles other than comedy :)

5 thoughts on “Qaisy & Laila (Updated)

  1. I was in the cinema too! There was a group of women chit chatting & laughing loudly! Irritating! Ugh… but the movie is touching.

    Cinema Goer


  2. I just chance upon your blog as I’m surfing on critics about the movie Q & L.

    I must say I give thumbs up to this movie which I feel has the potential to really make it big internationally.

    I’ve just recently shown this movie,VCD, to my non-malay students and they really love it. Not only for the superb acting but the message that it brings. I’m surprised that such a splendid movie seems to be underpromoted.

    Q&L should really go international. The realistic ending is really something out of the box.A rare find in not only malay movies but others as well.

    It’s one movie that will make a difference in the malay film industry.


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