Old mags

At KL Central, there’s Nile Bookshop (1st floor, on the same floor as KFC) which sells old mags at cheaper $. Usually the $ is at RM10 for 1 but right now, they r selling 2 mags for RM10.

I thought that was cheap. Excluding Book Fair of course!

Then I found another bookshop NZ Magazine Center @ Mid Valley (top floor near Food Court) which sells 3 mags for RM10! 3! So, each of the mags r around RM3.33!

* info correct the time of posting

Update 08/10/2005:
There is also a lot of old mags from automobile to fashion being sold at RM10 or less in Sg Wang, near the elevator. Central Market bookshop which provides rental books also sells old mags but there’s not much choice there.

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