Pretzel Dog

Auntie Anne has a new food item – the Pretzel Dog = pretzel wrapped around a hot dog for RM4.90 if I remember correctly. :)

I tried it during 1 of my lunch break at MV. I tot eating this wouldn’t b enuff, so I bought a cheese dip too (RM1.20 I think).

According to it’s site:

An Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Dog is a Nathan’s Famous all-beef hot dog wrapped in our Original pretzel dough and baked to golden brown perfection. Our Pretzel Dog is a handy, on-the-go meal option, and a convenient snack to enjoy at the mall during this busy shopping season.The Pretzel Dog is tasty when paired with Auntie Anne’s dipping sauces such as sweet mustard, cheese, or hot salsa cheese.

I actually try not to eat > RM4 for each meal but sometimes I eat RM2.50 meal so tat I can use the $ on RM4++ meal :P

I quite like the taste, the sausage is soft & delicious. Mixed with cheese dip, yumm :) Still, for a hot dog, it’s quite expensive – unless u want to compare with 1901.

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