Shakey’s Pizza Express Lunch

With less ppl eating lunch during Ramadan, Shakey’s Pizza (website is not really informative, lack of pics) came up with Express Lunch – RM6.90 incl. soup of the day + personal pan pizza (mix of pepperoni & hawaiian chic) + cold drink. Served in 15 min or FOC (for dine in only). Unfortunately, it’s until 2pm only :(

Nice :) Mine was served within 10 minutes. Being a small portion eater, it was more than enuff 4 me ;) I added the red hot spices onto my pizza yummm & my orange cold drink. Hot, cold, hot, cold ahh ahh! I saw a movie somewhere… about Red Indians mixing black pepper into their convocted drinks for extra um.. omph. Try it. Esp into McD’s ice cream. :)

Mm.. found out tat Domino is taking over Shakey’s…

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