Transporter 2

I didn’t catch Transporter (which has Shu Qi) fully but last month, bro’s gf gave him 2 Buy 1 free 1 coupons to watch GSC * movies & he passed 1 coupon to us.

On the day mom went to hosp for checkup & blood taken, v decided only this movie was worth watching. :p


Jason Statham (not much expression) returns as Frank Martin, a different kind of driver – as a chauffer for a rich boy. The only face I’m familiar with is Amber Valletta, a supermodel after the glamorous batch of Cindy-Linda-Naomi-Claudia-Christy. I didn’t catch Hitch or her other movies, so I was surprised to c her acting not bad :) Mom said she looks like Cameron Diaz.

Kate Nauta is beautiful but her character (or her, for that matter – for agreeing to appear in sheer underwear for majority of the movie) is too cheap. There’s a kid in her scenes, the Person in charge should at least put her in a more decent clothes tat doesn’t expose her nipples!

The action scenes offer sth new but some unbelievable like the driving the car on 2 buildings! The alley must b very narrow! I like the black car too… & the real reason the son was kidnapped.

Spoilers (press Ctrl+A to view):

Still, Lola’s (Kate Nauta) death was anti-climax. Never, ever place any sharp objects as deco in the house.

Rating: 3/5

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