Renoma underwear

V hv a newbie Playboy @ shop, a part timer.

When I was eating at 6.15pm, the dept store’s security told me to come back at 7pm. Coz it’s their rules tat all staffs must b in the store by 7pm. Stupid rule.

As I was telling Shop Mgr, this Playboy joined the conversation, “Yeah lor, [tat dept store] is like tat de.”

I: Playboyow u know?

Playboy: I worked there b4.. sold leather stuff. Belts, all tat.
I: Oh, under wat brand?
Playboy: X, Y, Renoma.

I: Renoma also got sell belt? I tot Renoma sell underwear only. (I know got t-shirt also kua…)

Playboy: Got sell belt.. Renoma underwear wanna c? *arched his butt out* Give me sap gei pei (a few RM10) larh! :)

I: Nah, I always c underwears. Call MCL in.. v c G-STRING biasa already. Playboyeh.

Shop Mgr: Yeah lar, got NET somemore eh!

So, from now onwards, he shall be honoured with the nick Renoma. ;)

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