BlackHairedGal was flipping thru Watson’s latest sales/promotions leaflet & came across rubber.

BlackHairedGal: Condom only mar, where got a lot of types?

Thong: Got a lotttttttttt… got colour, got neon, size…

I: Got flavour, designs, some plastic based, some made from wat wat, shapes, some with jelly (I was bullshitting about the jelly coz I had nvr seen such condoms b4, I just know there’s KY Jelly :p)

BlackHairedGal: Wat Jelly?

I: Neh, put inside condom or outside to make the girl or guy more syiok.

BlackHairedGal showed her confused/disbelief expression. It’s her trademark, besides the disapproving stare.

Thong: Wahh, so knowledgeable!

I: I like education marr.

& tonite yest, Thong & I read another happy ad about Durex by 1 of the ex-staff.

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