Rude customer

A YellowShirtGuy came to my counter & he flicked his fingers at me to call me over. He wanted to try pants sized 31 & 32. Then he browsed other pants & asked me about the colour. Showed him the 2 colours – black & brown. He squinted & retorted, “Not black. This is not brown either.”

Shrugged. Watever colour u c, tat’s the colour to u. I don’t even want to argue what colour u c. It’s ur eyes. Not mine. Sometimes co is a bit jialat too. There’s a blue-green shirt named Elephant. If the colour were dark gray, I would understand. But a blue-green shirt? Hv u seen any blue-green elephant? LOL.

After he tried the sizes, he wanted to get the same design but in different colour but the size was sold out for the other colour brown.

While wearing the pants, he flicked his fingers again. “Measure!”

Measured it. “37.5”

“Too long! Make it shorter. 35.5″

For a guy, 35.5” is very short.

Ok loor, I also didn’t want to explain longer is better bcoz when ppl walk, the pants would come up a bit.. unless u want to wear cropped style pants.

He screwed up his already screwed up face & asked, “Wat other design u’ve got tat is plain?”

Showed him the plain pants. He saw another design with stripes, this time a narrower stripe than the 1s he tried but he said, “Eh, same!” His tone was like I was lying to him earlier when I said there were no more his size for that design which he tried earlier. Told him the differences.

“I want this 1.” He had chosen 3, I didn’t think he would buy 4 pcs of pants.. usually ppl this chuin r very fussy but they don’t buy many in 1 go.

Asked if he wanted to try it. He retorted & looked at me as if I were crazy & stupid, “Already tried, no need to try again!”

I took the 2 pants – the narrower & wider stripes. He pointed to those & said, “Give me 2 of these/this.” Of course I tot he wanted those 2 pants.

He asked rudely, “U know wat I meant?”

He then pointed at the wider stripes pants. “2 of this.”

Checked in sys, didn’t hv 2 pcs. He pointed down, “Down there got?!” It felt like an order more than a question.

Called shop to check, BlackHairedGal would confirm…

Told cu if he buy 1 here, 1 there, no discount. Better exchange. He replied, “I know.”

After awhile, BlackHairedGal called back. Got 1 pc.

Ahh.. went for buy here, exchange 1 pc there. Alteration there too. :D

Apparently, he had been to shop b4 & bcoz he was so short & there were lots of ppl, nobody could c him flicking his fingers. LOL! :p

Be rude and conscending, be prepared to be served without maximum service.

Snapping and crooking fingers are considered rude.

Waving is ok.

Wolf-whistle and kissing sounds are bordering on sexual harassment.

Hold the item you want to ask is better.

Don’t interrupt the promoter if he or she is serving another customer. You can browse other items in the meantime.

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