Flowers for RM29

As PotatoGal & I were walking towards back to shop, she saw the fake flowers priced at RM29 at Ground floor Concourse, in between MPH-Delifrance & CoffeeBean(?). Not sure if it’s for a bunch or 1 stalk. $$$ to show 1s love…

V stopped & gawked at the $ tag & the flowers from far.

Surrounding us were a group of Malay guys – which I didn’t notice, my sole concentratioin was on the flowers.

Then I saw 3 of them standing so straight like beratur. 1 of them asked, “Mau ambil gambar?”

Ha? Tourists ar?

PotatoGal: LOL. They were taking pictures with hp arr! No wonder holding hp like tat.. standing like tat also!

Had a ROTFLOL… so blur case! Stopped to stare @ flowers right in the middle of ppl’s posing… *not paiseh*

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