Beautification for men

Thong came up to my counter (he’s based @ downstairs) as I was chatting with Blondie while folding clothes.

Blondie just dyed her hair *Guess!!!* blonde (inside) & dark brown (outside) with a cute haircut b4 CNY. & since then she started to wear blue eyeshadows, pink blusher & lip gloss.

Thong who had nvr spoken with any1 from my floor suddenly said: Eh… make up woh!

* all the questions from Thong were directed to Blondie*

Blondie: I always make up mar, these days.

Thong: No lar, today only makeup.

I: Since she cut hair, already wear makeup.

Thong: Dating is it?

I: Why must b dating only wear makeup meh?

Blondie: Not dating larrr…

Thong: Got jai kao (guy tackle) is it?

Blondie: Hehe. No also.

Thong: U wanna kao chai (tackle guy)?


Thong: Usually girls wear make up when in love or-


But… Once in a while, I catch myself dressing for frens. Not for guys. Coz when u hangout with frens who dressed in a certain way & they criticize u, it’s better to dress up more than them.

11 thoughts on “Beautification for men

  1. *nod in agreement*

    i used this point of “make up for friends” as a point of selling strategy directed at consumers’ psychological needs in my this semester’s projects from Retail Management ^^

    this is call need of belongingness in the maslow’s hierachy of needs, seek of peer approval from peer reference group.

    lolx.. i flaunting the only tiny bit which i know from my sch work LOL.. *paisei paisei*


  2. Joyce: Sense of belonging & wanting to b better than them (frens – females r competitive among themselves, unlike males who r competitive among enemies) :P so bad hoh?

    I try not to think of wat others think of me… Wat matters most is own perception. Actually I don’t do this with all my female frens, only those who always complain about my appearance. As if they r so good in dressing! Ppl sometimes project their insecurities to others & tat’s wat I suspect they were doing.

    LOL. As least now I know u spent a biiiiit of time studying instead of blogging so many posts & dating :P


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