Have a stand

A couple came to our counter & the man wanted to buy the shirts. He fell in love with 2 shirts, both with orange stripes. No, he’s not Lynn’s Orange. But, his woman disagree totally. “Orange? Choose another colour lar. This 1 not nice.” She shuddered & walked towards the display to choose shirts for her man.

She grabbed 3 shirts (NOT orange colour) to show him. “Na, nice!” She posed like Vanna White holding glittering alphabets on the game show.

He didn’t say, “Not nice.” He just grabbed the shirts she took & asked me if he could try them. He put back the 1s he picked up back onto the table.
So kwai chai! *Shake head* Man, I lost respect 4 u.

Not only he chose other ppl’s (sure, she’s important & dear to him) likes, he discarded his own taste. Pathetic.

Shopping should b for urself & maybe specific event/function. Not for other ppl. Dressing how others want u to when u dislike it or don’t love it will only make u uncomfortable unless u r a cameleon. Or a model working for a designer/photographer. In the end, u’ll only hate urself for not being more firm & having ur own stand on ur likes/dislikes. Or u could end up hating the person u loved.

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