The colourful English Language

Chimmy is trying to improve his English language. He even asked our neighbour’s parttime, Damai to bring a translated dictionary. :D This Damai likes Chimmy, she always ask when is Chimmy coming. Everyday, sometimes several times. :D

So, then..

Chimmy has this exercise book (like the 1s from primary & 2ndary school) which he found in our cupboard during CNY spring clean & he uses it to write new words. Like sex. Viscose. Teflon. Rinse. Steam.

He even wrote Kickass on a piece of hard box cutout & gleefully showed me the new vocabulary. :D

After fun cheong (in Cantonese it means a guy who is .. how to say? … fun dick. Only the fun was in a fai way. Fai = Useless), another new word he learnt was “Talk Cock”. My bro always used “talk cock” during his 2ndary yrs – I hadn’t heard him say this after started dating.
“Bullshit” was another.

Shit. Sheet.

Live. Life. Leave. Leaf.

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