49 Days

Watched this movie alone in the morning. I remember bro said NOT to watch the 1st show in the morning when the movie previews bcoz the front seats r 4 spirits. But when I watched this, it wasn’t in the 1st week already…

Still, I hoped there was some1 with me but I dared myself. Cannot b so chicken!!! Actually Singalan was free – only he was free! – damn – I didn’t want to watch anything with him alone coz he’s honey+oil mouth. Too smooth till u know he’s just sprouting false praises. Bsides, if 1 2 watch horror movie also watch with handsome guys or at least a guy who is huggable larr.. ;)
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It was more a sad story to c how the ending develops. I tot it was Gillian’s & little girl’s character tat was dead by watching the poster. Stephen Fung is still cute but it was hard to picture him as a father to the girl & mayb Chinese men @ tat time don’t show their emotions as freely as now…

Like Gillian’s fren, the prison guard (cutie Steven Cheung of Boy’z) & of course, her father (Wong Yat Fei)! :) The executioner (Lo Meng) was like from a slash-murder Western movie but his tone was powerful & convincing.

My fav scenes:

After the reburial of Gillian’s grandpa, now at home where she was scolded by her fengshui master father.

Father: Who told u to pee during the reburial? U’ve SPOILED ALL THE GOOD FENGSHUI!

Lawyer Gillian: I went far away to pee. How did I know it would affect anything?

Prison Guard: Yeah woh. Even I pee also *pointed nearby* near only. The most can pee a few feet *grinded his hips fwd* Where got pee around till so far *moved hips & made a circle with pointed finger*?

Father: Yim jo nei huei! *castrate u!*

Prison Guard: Iiieyea! *jumped away, covered his jewels*

I also like the part where Stephen asked Prison Guard if he could help him to escape.

Prison Guard: Escape arr…? Err.. tat is tough.. But I can make sure u get good sleep & food for 2-3 yrs here! :D

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49 Days


It wasn’t scary. I zzz like a baby tat nite. If u r looking 4 movies on Chinese traditions (or superstitions to those cynics), a fan of supernatural & good vs bad, then this movie is ok. If u r expecting 2 b scared or hoping to hide ur face on ur partner’s shoulder or grab some body parts when u jerk (boo!), forget it. It is exciting @ the end tho.. & some humour in between (mostly in the starting).

There’s Miss Chinese Malaysia Debbie Goh in it, if u like watching movies feat. Malaysians.
Rating: 3/5

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