Short sales figure

Every month, the sales figure tat the dept store gets & ours r different. Always, v sell more than dept store’s figure. So wat happened to the short sales figure? Stolen? Lost? Still somewhere in the dark corner?

I asked Floor Exec to help check the figures again. She said the sales figures were already confirmed once the sales slips were given to us. But the figures still differ & our co wanted to investigate/find out what/where went wrong as it’s near stock take.

Floor Exec was reluctant to check but she relented, “But cannot b done in 1 day or 2.”

I said tat was ok. I expected mayb 1 week to weeks, considering how slow v get back our memo for transfer out…

Frankly, I don’t get it. The sales figure should b computerized right? Then it’s just as easy as searching for my co, dates & voila, the application should b able to print out the daily sales. I was told it is this dept store’s policy NOT to disclose daily sales figure even to the counters’ company! Crazy?! When I worked in Fajar last time, tat was 10 yrs back, Fajar’s exec print out monthly sales for each brand, with their (each brand’s) own codes, $ & qty sold! Imagine! A company as lau peh as Fajar (Fajar was known for it’s supermarket section, not hi tech gadgets or clothing) had such sophisticated, accurate sales system while this dept store which always claimed to b a high class flagship store DO NOT hv such system! Memalukan!

PotatoGal also asked her Floor Exec to recheck. Floor Exec told her to just check our own’s memo for the 4 digits.

PotatoGal tot wat was the 4 digits…

I asked PotatoGal when she related the incident to me, “4D for buying # ar?”


The 4 digits = dept store’s receipt #. Gah…

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