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Kajang Satay @ Hj. errr sth

Had been talking 4 ages to go to Kajang – TuxGuy’s fav place – 2 eat wat Kajang is famous for: satay. Altho TuxGuy had left our co (he wanted to visit his frens & then continue studying), he’s still in our mind (& Blondie’s heart). :p Finally went there a few days ago after noon shift.

I brought along the:

  1. lite blue blaijklhgfdsasdFXCGVBJHNKML,;’ *sorry, I was wiping the keyboard – bits of pieces of Mister Potato tomato flavour dropped onto the keyboard* blanket which took majority of the huge bag
  2. a change of clothes for zzz & socks
  3. cleansing oil
  4. moisturizer
  5. makeup stuff – only blusher, eyeliner
  6. toothbrush & the tongue scraper

A lot meh? I guess it is a lot for 1 nite stay @ Dimple’s new home… but those r essentials! I actually told others I would bring my pillow over :p but I didn’t. Tot the blanket could b rolled into a pillow in case I couldn’t zzz…

Dimple always hangout with Blondie & Y. So the 4 of us kinda always hangout together when free @ work.

V got lost when v had to fetch TuxGuy. V passed by a double-storey Kajang Satay, the 1 facing the parking lot. When TuxGuy got in, he brought us to that Kajang Satay.

The satay was ok (I’ve tasted better), some with fat which I didn’t eat. Not healthy uh, those fatty parts. :9 My coconut drink was ok.Y’s coconut drink flavour was like “water only?!”

Didn’t remember how much it was for each of us coz Y & Blondie ate 2 sticks only!!! I think I ate 5-6 hehe. The guys ate a lot tho… besides, Chimmy paid 4 it kekekeek :p

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