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Stopped by the police for “speeding”

After satay, Chimmy & TuxGuy went 4 2nd round while Y went home with her bf. The rest of us follow Dimple’s car.

As the highway was quite empty, Dimple drove quite fast. Not sure if she speed over the limit but v were stopped by the traffic block police.

The Malay policeman didn’t tell us his name! I know EVERY police is supposed to say their name b4 anything else (except when u r holding a weapon, then they can say STOP 1st).
He said, “Awak dah melepasi had laju. Pergi 130km/jam tadi.”


He asked for Dimple’s driving license/IC. I think the police asked for IC.
Dimple panicked & searched for her IC. As she did tat, the policeman asked, “Kena saman.”

I asked him, “Kalau saman berapa?”

He replied, “300.”

Really ar? RM300 for speeding?

“Mana ada?”

He insisted v were speeding.

How does the police show the proof? Anything the police say, v assume it’s the truth?!

Then he asked repeatedly, “Jadi macam mana?”

Ahhh…. wanna ask us to bribe him? Tat v would say the 1st word?

Unfortunately, tat Dimple was so anxious, she fished out some $. STOP!!! I told her to stop wat she was doing but she didn’t listen.
I took out my hp & pushed the RECORD button – evidence. But the policeman stopped saying anything, he looked at other sui yu (more cars were being gestured to come to the sidelane). Damn!

The policeman said, “RM100.”

Dimple said, “Tak ada RM100 lah.”

She took out RM15. Damn. I really wanted to smack her! & the policeman too. RM1 also I didn’t want to give!


I stopped Dimple from fishing out RM50, who was still digging her wallet. Arghh!

In the end, she gave RM15. Asshole policeman. I wanted to report the incident to the Rasuah Dept. I’m going to find the contact # & save it into my hp. Next time I encounter such situation, I’m going to record it from the start & send it to the Rasuah Dept!

Found other links on bribing policemen in Malaysia:

Where the heck is the official site for Anti-Rasuah campaign?

3 thoughts on “Stopped by the police for “speeding”

  1. The compund for such offence is RM150 if you get the summon?

    Sould have called his bluff as they were NOT on official speed trap and got off scott free


  2. haha complain got use meh? eh u oso very got balls leh.. right there n then smug him..

    tt time my fren wanna cross custom, the policeman wanna take her telephone number make fren, dont let her cross >=/ den her sister fierce woman, go suan siao n hung the man then let my fren cross.

    the traffic thingy, i long ago heard bout it le =]



  3. MWT: Didn’t know the correct $ then.. also, fren already forked out the $ & the police saw it

    Joyce: Got use or not, I don’t know la. At least it would lessen the chance of being taken advantage of


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