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Traffic Summon Charges in Malaysia

Received this email:

Traffic Summon Charges in $170 + 9 Demerit Points +  Court.
Dangerous Driving = $200 + 24 Demerit Points +! Court +  Vehicle Compounded.
Illegal Racing = $200 + Vehicle Confiscate +  Court.
Fail to put Seat Belt = $120 + 3 demerit points.
Crossing  Double White lines = $130 + 4 points.
Phone and Drive = $200 + 12  demerit point + Phone Confiscate.

Do not hold your handphone in your hand when you drive even with loud speaker or ear piece.

Drink Driving (first offence.) = Up to $5000 Fine and, or  Jail Term + Licence Susp ended + Court.
2nd time offence = Jail  term + Fine + Court.

Making an illegal U Turn when there’s no U  Turn sign = $70.

Fail to Signal when changing lanes = $70 .

Driving at night without headlights or taillights switch on  after 7pm = $30.

No Number Plate =  $70.

Obstructed Number Plate = $70.

Obscured Number Plate  = $70.

Number Plate Of Unapproved Type = $70.

Demerit  Point system:

Let’s say you have 0 point on 1st January 2005, and you committed the offence of Failing to Put on Seat Belt.
So now, you will have 3 demerit points and this will last for 1 Year.

If during this 1 year you have no demerit points offence at all, your 3 demerit points will be gone on 1/1/2006.

But, if during this one  year, From 1/1/2005-  1/1/2006, you commited another offence with demerit points, your very first offence will be
extended for another year until 1/1/2007.

For more information on demerit  points (Kejara) go to:   [invalid link when I clicked on it, tho]

6 thoughts on “Traffic Summon Charges in Malaysia

  1. wow hey! i wanna go msia n offend the traffic rule can?!
    its cheaper by half leh!!!

    no seat belt in singapore = $120sgd
    no seat belt in msia = $120mr = $60sgd



  2. Hi

    Hey, a friend told me they will double the fine amount after one week if you don’t pay the fine in Malaysia. True?


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