I couldn’t find the book by Christine Feehan – The Twilight b4 XMas tat I brought along to work to read when I hv full shift (when I hv to eat alone) or when I hv time while waiting 4 train but then most of the time, I would b too tired @ nite to read :p I know, I’m mumbling.

The nite I stayed @ Dimple’s place after satay, I couldn’t find it the next day! I asked mom to check if somehow I had left it at home (I had done this b4, leaving sth @ home but tot I brought it with me). Mom said it wasn’t at home so I asked Dimple to check her home & cars. She replied she couldn’t find it even after searching for 2 days.

:( I hadn’t finished reading the book wooo.. The story was really catchy, about Kate, the eldest of 7 witch sisters. Also, with the book missing, mom couldn’t claim back the deposit lorr…

Then on the most recent time I stayed @ Dimple’s place, her sis-in-law said the book was @ table, she found it her Dimple’s big bro’s car. :D Yeah!

The book had somehow slipped out of my bag, hidden in the boot. :p

Then, a few days after tat, Dimple came to my counter & told me, “U left ur blanket ahh.”

O. I had nvr tot of the blanket till she told me. No wonder my bag felt so light, tho I didn’t feel it was light then.. Ahh…sat wan yu. She offered to wash it & return back to me. Wahh, so nice! But she didn’t use it so she shouldn’t wash 4 me ah, I replied, “Nvm, I’ll take it next time I overnite again.” Hehe.

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