Sex while dating

U’d nvr know who is a virgin (or not) just by the looks.

Singalan Founder told fellow male colleagues tat females get bigger, saggy butt if they hv sex too much. But this is not true 100%. Look at Cindy CrawfordKylie Minoque - Fever - Kylie Minoque - Fever

or Kylie Minoque’s firm butt. Ppl who exercise their butt (& not only via sex) sometimes even hv firmer butt than those who don’t hv sex.

Then Y announced with great authority & confidence on a couple v were talking about, “Aiya, they had been dating 4 so long, they r sure hving sex lar!”

LOL. Speak for urself, Y! :D She had been dating her current bf since Form 2 & she’s now, wat? 18? & she’s living with her bf since Form 2/3! It is funny when ppl say such things tat they think r true on others but it’s damn right about themselves.

There’s also Playboy who talks about sex & double meaning words all the time, claiming he’s a V. So many 1st times. Everytime is the 1st time. Haha.

When Playboy 1st came to work at my counter after TuxGuy left, Y confided tat he looks like her x-bf. Wahh.. So handsome 1? :P Actually Playboy looks a bit like a gal, like another staff @ shop, TommyGirl. Wat’s it about old Chinese sayings? If the couple look alike each other, they r souuulmates. ButPlayboy is seeing his school’s gal la.

Once, when Playboy went over to Y’s counter to chit chat, she told him tat he looks like her ex. Playboy came back to our counter hurriedly. LOL. Lari kuat-kuat!

Playboy: Blearrgh! I look like her x-bf? *vomit sounds*

He shuddered.

It’s amazing how dense some ppl can b. I mean there’s Biology & Science classes at school where teachers teach about sex & reproduction in Form 2 (still Form 2? I learnt it as a 1st chapter in Form 2) yet some young ppl r still unsure about period, sperm, zigot & all. & they hv sex without protection (I don’t mean withdrawing b4 ejaculation as prevention!). Then they worry when the period still hasn’t come… *whack head*

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