Pink Panther

Suddenly asked Blondie, Y & others if they wanted to watch either Pink Panther or 2 become 1 while working. Both Playboy & I were doing morning shift.

Official site: http://www.mgm.com/pinkpantherthemovie

Wat a funny movie!!!

Love the Pink Panther animation, Steve Martin as Inspector Clousseu :p & Reno as Ponton! Inspector is so stupid-clumsy-blurcase, he’s brilliant! Love the dancing scene, bedroom, the “mmm… nice weather today. I hope the weather continues 2 b…”

How did the footballer die & fall into the white markings? Peculiar…

I must speek in French akxent. :)

Unfortunately, Y & Blondie didn’t really enjoy the movie as much as v did so next time would watch only Chinese movies with them… it’s a pity, if they know more English, they would hv enjoyed the movie more.

YW just called to ask about a test, tat bitch. V r going to watch this again! Hooray! Shall I say, “I want to buy a hambuggerrrr!”

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