Y got accepted as a sales ass in a gown boutique! It was owned by 1 of her relatives but still… when she filled up the application form, she asked aloud, “What does this mean?” on some words tat she didn’t understand. I was surprised tat she was hired. But I’m happy 4 her.

She has been hving a hard time @ current place not only bcoz of her colleague who is lazy but also salary wise & supervisors. Actually, if she were more fierce & stand for herself, she wouldn’t hv such a hard time. She cries everytime she was scolded or verbal abused by colleague/supervisor. Then she would feel better. Until the next time she gets scolded, of course. This just repeats… aiyo.
But Blondie told me to conspire, ask her to rethink about quiting. Ha?! Only the other day Blondie was happy for Y. Why the sudden change of heart?

Blondie excused, “Working in boutique is not easy eh!”

I also worked at boutique b4 wat… it’s not tat much difference from standing @ counter.

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