Handsome men. FASTER!

Yesterday was so much fun! PotatoGal & I saw a yau ying sweet guy walking by in casual clothes. Tall, tanned but with some blemishes on the face. Still… Whoa! =:) There was a girl walking beside him, although they weren't holding hands or even walking close, like maybe 1 feet apart?

I stood next to the mannequin right after I saw him, with my back facing him. PotatoGal oggled, "I already saw him just now. Hehehhahahah."

When he had passed by PotatoGal's counter, I turned & looked at his retreating back. That's what I do when there's no customer & other things to do. Kap chai. I behave like a late teen. Probably coz I mix with these late teens/early twenties when looks take the 1st seat.

I wondered if he would walk upstairs – Gents Dept. PotatoGal bet, "He wouldn't loh!" "Aiya, u tell him to visit my counter larrr!"

Somehow the steps up to my counter felt shorter. Ah..

Later, I didn't know what happened. Yesterday we saw so many handsome guys! I mean there are a lot of beautiful & pretty girls in KL but not many handsome guys… no offense, guys :p

As we were walking back to shop, PotatoGal saw – or was it walking from shop to counter? – a guy sandwhiched between 2 girls, sitting @ the OSIM massage chair. That guy was cute, just a bit short.

I didn't know about PotatoGal but I applied liquid eyeliner from Kose on both eyes – it did make my eyes appear larger. Jasmine said I looked like yiu kwai. She looked like grandmother in her Hong Kong trip pictures – but I didn't tell her that lar.

& then, after work, as PotatoGal, Linda & I were walking from shop to the other end, I saw a yau ying guy in black staring at us! Bhwhahahaha! I was answering MCL's call then so I couldn't tell others to look. After we passed by them & the call finished only I asked them, "Did u c the guy?" The 3 of us stopped walking. Linda immediately jerked her head up from eating her ice cream & looked around, "Where?! WHERE?!!" I gestured the back, "Neh, behind." "Aiya, why didn't you say earlier?!" PotatoGal moaned. "Aiyo, on the phone mar! So wanna walk back to c?"

Later, we hoped our luck would continue… it didn't for us, it did for PotatoGal.

At Yoyo Snack, we were looking for sofa type of seats but all were occupied. PotatoGal suddenly saw a yau ying guy. He was tall, tanned & wore spec with khaki shirt. PotatoGal shouted, "QUICK!!! FASTER GIVE ME MONEY! MONEY!!!! WHAT U WANT TO ORDER? FAST!! HANDSOME AHH!"

We threw money onto the table & shoouted, "Ice lemon tea!" "Mini french toast!" "Lemon tea hot!" "Coffee ice!"

PotatoGal dashed to the cashier counter to order, stood beside the guy. As the guy turned, I saw the guy had a mole! The distance was about 20 feet away but I could see the mole! That means it's an enormous mole!

When PotatoGal came back, I asked, "Your handsome got mole ar?"

She nodded, "Ah."

"Got hair ar?"

"Arhh.. ya, think so."

LOL! "You still like ar?"

Nod. LOL!

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