Chopstick (or Chopstik?) NoodleHouse – Curry Laksa

I don’t eat laksa normally coz I don’t eat spicy food. Mom would never cook anything spicy @ home, except curry chicken which is actually more sweet than spicy coz she can’t stand anything hot. But since I don’t have to follow her food rules when I eat outside, which is every work day, I get to eat whatever I want. Of course I still don’t eat a lot of spicy stuff – it makes me heaty & before I know it, I would have some pimples popping up on my face & upper back. I still want to wear the spaghetti tops leh!

Anyway, tat day, Blondie wanted to eat lo mai kai while I wanted to eat Secret Recipe’s cake. Specifically Chocolate Indulgence. Yumm… my mouth just salivate at the thought of the cake! Blondie then said, “Never mind lar, we eat Secret Recipe lar.”

After I got out of my counter, I called Blondie & Y to change venue lar. Since they yiong me, I could yiong them also. Besides, I had eaten King’s Cream Cheese Mousse Cake last week. I also want to eat ching (clear to me, bland to others) food.

I know Chopstick Noodle House is the high end of Chinese food (to me anyway). Everything in there can be bought at 1/2 price if u eat outside but there’s air cond & we sat at the semi-oval brown sofa. Mmmm.. comfy… It was just enuff for 3 of us. :) Chopstik NoodleHouse2 of them ordered lo mai kai while I got a curry laksa. There’s another laksa – asam laksa but I always prefer curry over asam.

Tai Thong – Chopstik NoodleHouse

It was quite fast for my curry laksa to arrive. Or maybe their lo mai kai needed paddy to be plucked or sth. It took almost 25 minutes for their food to arrive after we told another waiter about it. Their drinks arrived after all of our food had arrived. Their service needs to b re-prioritized.

My curry laksa was delicious! It was hot, not too hot at 1st but the more I ate, the more hot it got. Still, it wasn’t unbearable. :p I did think of getting something to cool it down but didn’t. There was some seafood thrown onto it – 2 big prawns, a few si hum, mm.. yu beng. I asked LowCut (another promoter @ our dept store) who was sitting on another table if she wanted the prawns. She came over to take my prawns & the next minute when I glanced back to her table, they (she was eating with another lady) were gone! Wah, so fast!Wanted to order tong sui – peanut paste. There was promotion – when you order these tong sui during Happy Hour (after 3pm till.. not sure), there’ll be RM1 discount. Haha. But I thought I would be full after finishing the curry laksa so I didn’t order the peanut paste.

Including tax, my curry laksa was RM9.

It was alright but there are cheaper & better taste curry laksa outside.

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