Cloud 9 Creme & Strawberry Flavoured Candy

Made in Thai
3.5 gram

I am too bored & numbed that I am writing reviews about candies!

Cloud 9?! Remember the ad feat. a guy floating on the cloud & was dreaming? Or was it a guy who day dream about a gal? So many years ago…

The 1st thing that went thru my mind was this co is stealing Cloud 9’s name as its own name.

Ingredients: Sugar (yes, I’ll get high & alert in a moment), Glucose (sweet), Cream, Vegetable oil, permitted Food Conditioner Soya Lecithin (mmm.. Lecithin, sounds familiar), Flavouring Substance and Colouring Substance.

In other words, I’m eating candy junk food with substances!

It doesn’t taste like strawberry as in the real juicy fruit but I can recognize the flavour as sweet strawberry cream.

3 thoughts on “Cloud 9 Creme & Strawberry Flavoured Candy

  1. Where do you get these sweets from???!!!

    I accidentally ate my girlfriend’s last one, and would love to be able to replace it!



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