Too silky, tight

An old Indian with lots of gray white hair on top but not at the bottom – I think he was still trying to maintain lots of young hair look by covering the bottom but it only looked like he was wearing a toupee. :0

Ah, he came with another Indian guy around his age but with short hair.

1 of them tried 2 pants sized 34 & 36. When he came out, he told his company, "It's very nice but it's very silky."

I heard more about "silky" & "soft". Of course I tuned out, he didn't sound like he was going to buy the pants. Of course you can't really judge a book by its cover – I wasn't saying with his looks, he wouldn't buy the pants but what he said about the pants being soft doesn't mean he would buy it. Coz he preferred harder stiffer materials. That was what he told his company.

He excused and passed the pants back to me, "Cannot. The crotch area is too tight."

I was thinking what he said was sexual harrassment. Or he was being funny. Or truthfully.

*snort+LOL* Balls too big eh? Me suspect his butt is too big instead.

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