All Stars Sports Cafe – Nasi Lemak

There's a huge poster outside the cafe. RM7 for Spaghetti Bolognaise & Nasi Lemak. RM5 for Keow Theow or sth like that.
I wanted to eat at 2nd floor's food court – at least the food is affordable, though not as cheap at LG's food court. But Dimples didn't want to eat at food court. So then I suggested All Stars Sports Cafe.

When we ordered the food, we saw Coke was RM4.50 per glass. Wah. The seat was nice, very soft red leather sofa. Only Blondie shared Coke with Y & Dimples had Coke by herself. The rest of us didn't want any drink from there, we would go LG for drinks instead. The waiter that took our order smirked a bit, "Drink?"All Stars Sports Cafe

We shook our heads.

"Sure no drink?"

We nodded, "Yes. Thanks."

Some1 said, "They look sour when they heard us say no drinks."

The theory is – Sam, who had worked in several restaurants & disco – these ppl (waiter/waitress) expect their customers to order drinks (no matter how outrageous the $ are) when they eat there. Coz if you can pay for the food, you can certainly pay for the drinks. So they would look down on ppl (like us) who only eat there but not to drink coz they think we are kiamsiap or poor.

I wanted to eat the Spaghetti Bolognaise but they only had beef, not chicken. I can't eat beef. I know why but I am not sure if it's a valid reason.

I was born into a Buddhist family & had been drilled by parents NOT to eat beef because of the deities that we pray to had promised not to eat beef. There are several versions of the stories. 1 was that cows used to be carnivore but when 1 of them cows wanted to eat the deity, the cow finally relented & didn't eat the deity. Instead the cow promised to be a vegetarian. How on earth 1 cow made other cows become vegetarian in the whole wide world, I don't know. As for other versions, you'll have to ask monks or people studying Buddhism literature/philosophy. :p

Nat didn't eat beef too. Until she went to China & saw all Chinese, Buddhists or not, eat beef. "What on earth you Buddhists in Malaysia don't eat beef for?" her cousins asked her. She was baffled.

So she came back eating beef like she came out of prison. "Why must you follow what old people said? How do you know if the stories are true?"

It's good that I don't eat beef – less 1 type of animal to die for my stomach. But I'm missing out the soft, tender flesh, she countered.

Oh, I had eaten beef before. Accidentally. The 1st time, I was repulsed with myself. I was sure to be punished by the deities! I didn't know if the stomach ache later that nite was an indication of a punishment.. but as years gone by – I swear I hadn't eaten many beef! – I don't freak out if I found out that I am eating beef but I wouldn't order anything with beef if I knew the ingredients contain beef. Silly huh? If 1 didn't know, 1 wasn't guilty. Well, 1 could've asked, being the responsible 1.

Nat took a huge bite of McD's Cheeseburger, "You are missing delicious food!"

So, back to All Stars Sports Cafe.

I ordered Nasi Lemak instead of the Spaghetti Bolognaise. So did the other 4. Haha. I told Tong to order Spaghetti Bolognaise – he could eat it on my behalf. :|

Nasi Lemak had slices of cucumber, 2 types of curry (delicious!), lots of fried peanuts, santan rice (the santan gravy looked like it had dried up) and a piece of breast chicken.

At 1st, it was delicious. Half way thru, it was ok, like Madam Kwan's nasi lemak but Madam Kwan's nasi lemak is better with more santan & curry as well as bigger chicken. Madam Kwan's nasi lemak is around RM9 I think.. The portion here is ok. I don't know. For a-last-year-me, it would be big but now, I could finish it & still drink a take away Neslo from LG. With a bit of heart burn later… I know, it's bad for health to stuff so many food in 1 go but after 5.45pm (that is when I usually finish my dinner), I have to wait till 10.30pm or 11++pm when I reach home.

All Stars Sports Cafe Nasi Lemak = RM8 <RM7 + RM1 for service & government tax>

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