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The Grandmother complained

The Grandmother who sat at my table complained that all our food had arrived but not her drink & food. She gestured waiters to come to her but either they were busy with delivering food or taking other tables’ orders or watever, when she finally flagged a young guy, she was livid though she was still smiling. She told the guy her pork rice & drink hadn’t arrived. The guy nodded & went off – we presumed to check her order. Then she flagged another guy in less than 2 minutes & complained the same thing. “Where is your manager?” The guy shook his head, “The manager is not in today.”

“Then who is in charge?”

“All of us are working here.”

“Ha?! Who is your supervisor? I want to complain. Your service is very terrible. I ordered my food together with them. My food still hadn’t arrived. They finished their food lorrh (actually we were 1/2 way our food). Your restaurant’s service is very terrible. I want to complain. I usually don’t complain but now, this is too terrible already… ”

I actually tuned out & ate with my head down. I suggested to the poor guy, “You go check her order see when it will be ready. If it’s not ready, then let her know when it will be ready.” The guy just stared & stood there. Aiyo! Gave him escape to find out where her food was but he just stood there… Must be a newbie.

Then a few minutes later, he came back, “Your order wasn’t added into the bill.”

Grandmother shouted, “WHAT?! Why just now the guy didn’t check my order?!”

Repeat chorus.

After her food had arrived, she ate her food in sour face, “Not delicious. The pork is too big slice…”

She said more but I tuned out again.

Then after finishing her food, she called up another staff. I think by now every1 must have heard her complaint. This time, a girl came over. She sounded senior than others. She apologized as there were only 2 seniors, others were new staffs.

Grandmother repeated chorus.

“Next time don’t hope I’ll come back. Your business will go down if like this.. Other ppl…”

I wished I were sitting somewhere else. As was the guy who sat with us.

Then Grandmother moved to sit at another table to “chit chat”. The guy who sat with us said, “Wah… so memalukan.” I totally agreed. Grandmother had her terrible ways with words. No wonder I had heard so many stories about old staffs leaving because of her bile long winded words.

So this guy gestured 1 of the waiter to come over – he wanted to apologize or sth to the guy for Grandmother’s bad treatment but the guy just nodded at him, then pretended to forget about him. LOL. Must be paranoid already…

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