Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

We all looked at the menu with lots of pics of food. OOooo didn’t know which to choose. Although I was very hungry, the menu didn’t look appetizing to me. Then some1 exclaimed, “Aiya, got set ahh!” All of us quickly looked at the set menu. Set is always cheaper..

I had marmite chicken & Borsch soup. The soup was ok.. not much ingredients inside. The marmite chicken had handmade noodle, fried chicken (wasn’t all crispy, had some fat) with marmite sauce (nice) but the noodle was a bit dry for my taste. If you like dry-normal noodle, then it’s suitable. If you are like me, like to eat wishy washy food, then you’ll find the noodle a bit dry. I mixed it with some soup :)

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