Wait, wait

Yesterday, A nite when all of the noon shift had to stay back while the morning shift ppl were off the hook coz the construction ppl couldn’t let ShopMgr know when the store would be available to us.

While the morning shift ppl went home to zzz or yamcha, we in noon shift ate dinner/supper @ the nearby mamak – I had heard it’s expensive but we’d claimed the bill so I didn’t care. Besides I had never eaten there b4. SmoothOperator recommended nasi lemak & maggie mee goreng. All of us ordered nasi lemak except BlackHairedGal. All of our orders arrived quite fast except her maggie mee goreng. :p

Since I get huge pimples from eating peanuts, I asked others if they wanted peanuts. PotatoGal nodded so I scooped all my peanuts onto her plate. Then others followed suit. LOL.

The plan was the store room would be available to us in 1 hr from 10pm so we could transfer our stock from existing store room (old shop soon) to the new store room – they needed to screw the racks.

Unfortunately, the screwing wasn’t done by 11+pm & they requested to give another hr. Till 12am then. By 12am, it still wasn’t finished.

I asked non-smokers – PotatoGal, BlackHairedGal & newbie Ralph if they wanted to sit somewhere else – outside – instead of being 2nd-hand smoker inside the eatery. C, whenever SmoothOperator, MCL & ShopMgr get together, they puff like there’s no morrow. They smoke when they are happy, sad, stressed, relaxed.

MCL took my wallet as we were leaving (non-smokers) so I took his cigarette & lighter as well as his hp. Haha! :P We accompanied Ralph to toilet. He didn’t want to use the tersumbat toilet *ewwwww* for disabled so I suggested GSC’s toilet with much enthusiasm. At least I could kill time watching movie previews maaa.. But the lift was closed! :( So he had to do his business @ the toilet we went just now..

When MCL had finished smoking with them, he joined us & asked for his hp + smoking stuff back. I held his stuff away from him, “Give me my wallet!”

He didn’t want to, “GIVE me mine 1st!”


I walked away. Nyek, nyek. He’d die without his ciggie.

He passed my wallet to 1 of the 2 security guards standing nearby. “Tadi jumpa kat tandas!”

Security guard looked at the wallet, “Oh, ni kena report.”

I walked over to them, “Itu saya punya. Nah, ini saya jumpa kat sana.” I gave the security guard MCL’s stuff. Luckily security guard realized MCL had meant no harm so he gave the wallet back to me. *Slap MCL’s ass* Naughty fellow. :)

Later ShopMgr told us females could go home, Ralph included. Ralph is a guy but he stays near me & his father was going to fetch both of us home… As we waited for our rides, the construction guys were told to unscrew the racks @ old store room so we had to take out stock from old store to anywhere available – on the floor of the display area in old shop & some moveable stands.

Aiyo, all the 2hrs waiting… could’ve spent inside the cinema or @ home zzz~

The guys & ShopMgr waited till the construction ppl finished screwing the racks & they stayed back till 6am! My GOD!

Poor guy SmoothOperator was so bad luck tat day. His home had no electricity, he couldn’t zzz. So he only bathed & then came for work at 8.30. Actually we start work at 9.30am but ShopMgr had told us to come at 8.30am. Poor thing… he was like a zombie.

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