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Robbery near KTM Komuter station

As I was walking towards KTM Komuter station, a Malay guy in his 30-40’s ran towards me. Another Malay aunty in tudung holding a black bag was crying-shouting. A motorcyclist was zooming by.

I swinged my umbrella on the running Malay guy’s face but it didn’t stop him a bit. He continued running & ran up the ‘small hill’ across the train tracks where there was no fence. The motorcyclist followed.

I asked the screaming woman what he stole. She cried, “Dompet sayaaaaa!” She ran towards where the thief ran.

I walked towards the station, I was going to be late.

The thief wore blue t-shirt, faded jeans. He was a bit stocky, about 5′ 5″ with short cropped hair, pork marks on his face.

I wished I had a knife to scar & stop him.

A few weeks ago, Mermaid had told me that there was almost a kidnapping case in KTM Kepong at night.

It made me think that we are vulnerable to such crimes. How can we protect ourselves?

We can put wallet into our pockets instead of bag. We must act fast once we realise we are being robbed. Either attack the robber or call for help. Learn martial arts to protect self or fend off attacks. Be alert on surroundings.

I gotta practice my punches & kicks morrow.

Hope the motorcyclist/police catch the thief.

To feedback/contact Rakan Cop:
Official website:

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