The Mediator 4

Tis is about Suze’s love, Jesse, the dead guy with mouth watering abs & his death. When Suze’s stepfather Andy made digging their backyard the family’s project, they dug up secrets from the past. Secrets that Maria (Jesse’s supposedly bride, who had Spanish royal blood) wanted to keep even tho she was dead.

There’s no surprise on Maria, Diego & Jesse @ Hector (like Suze says, the name Hector doesn’t suit such a dashing, dangerous & sweet guy). The surprise is from the kid & kid’s elder hunky bro.

I’m not sure if I were too tired or wat. I only read this when I was free. Not to say I didn’t enjoy reading this… towards the end, I finished several chapters (almost 1/3) of the book in 1 go. At midnite. Zzz.. *yawn*

I think the best of The Mediator series I had read was from the 2nd & 3rd. :) Or 1st? I forgot. But I like the last paragraph in this book. *smooch*

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