Penang Curry Mee

Yest, I was on full shift. Since I already ate sth (considered – to me, anyway) $ during late lunch – Kim Gary's French Toast – yeah, I'm in the lower group income but at least I'm making an honest living – I had to eat sth cheap for early dinner.

MV lift view

My eye's view from MV lift. Know which lift?

Working in Mid Valley, there are 3 food courts:

  • Makan Place @ LG which is sorta outside the shopping complex, at the parking area. It is HOT HOT HOT! Food is cheap tho. I once ate mee hun for RM1. It only had some strings of green leaves. Drink is cheap too. Not really tat cheap but it's cheaper than the other food courts & contains more 'ingredients'. Food price: RM1-6.
  • Oasis @ 2nd floor, Center Court. It used to be quite empty but a lot of ppl know that some food stalls actually serve ok-lah food, sometimes we have to search for seats during lunch time. Price: RM2-8.
  • Food Junction @ 3rd floor, off Center Court. The most $ of all these 3. & some not delicious too. Ais kacang sucks.

I know I shouldn't eat heaty food but I think I was too blur to eat healthy food tat day.

If u are looking for heaty spicy food, eat this. I only picked the chicken slices (u can request this instead of prawn as pictured in the menu) and the nga choy. :9 Tears came out, mucus dripping… *gasp* The tissue was fully utilized. :) The soup/gravy is really delliiicious. Arrhh..

Oasis - Penang Curry Mee

I spent the time carefully scooping the mee & a littttttle bit soup onto the plastic spoon – I didn't want to splatter my uniform – it would look UNpro (unprofessional). :p Really wanted to get some hot drink but didn't. So lau peh, me.

I couldn't finish it in 1 hr. Bungkus.

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