There were 2 cute puppies playing in our backyard 2 eve ago. After 2 days, nobody came to get them home.. Poor babies! *kiss kiss* Bro, his gf & I played & fed them for 2 nites. Bro asked mom if we could raise the puppy. Mom automatically declared, "NO."

Mom: Who take care of it when u study? Who clean up the shit? Who feed?

Bro: I take care till I go study lar. (which is roughly early next yr)

Mom: U go dating already la!

Bro: I will take care 1. Why cannot? Sis take care of the dog when I study lar..

Those who know me well knows that I had always wanted to have a doggie. :) Now's the chance…

The other male puppy, which has more spots on its whole body was taken by some1. Not sure who.puppy yawning

I didn't know wat happened. 1 minute Mom was adamant on NOT having a dog as pet, the next day when I came home, I heard its barking. At front porch. Oooooooh so cute! :D I was soooo happy! I think mom allowed us to hv this puppy as pet coz earlier she heard from grandma that bro told his gf that mom loved me more than him. Which wasn't true.

  • He got pocket money yrs earlier than me
  • He get to ride bicycle & play till nite
  • He's using mom's $ for studies in Degree
  • If he doesn't wash his dishes, mom would clean up after him. Actually mom would clean up anything in the sink if 'anything' is preventing her from using the sink.

The 1st person I told I have a puppy was a bitch. Since he has several dogs, I figured he'd b happy for me. Boy, was I wrong!

I: I have a pupppy! :)

He: Don't keep the puppy just bcoz u want to have fun now. I just hate u ppl, discarding dogs later.

I agree wif the 1st sentence. But. Hello?! He was categorizing me as those ppl who hv dogs for fun, then kick the dogs out to fend for themselves! Even if I were not able to take care of my puppy, I would find a better home for her! I'm not like some1 who have dogs but didn't neuter his dogs & 1 of them became pregnant. With MORE puppies. Duh!

puppy up closeI was thinking about the costs – food, shampoo, health care, shelter, license… and would I have the time to care a puppy? I mean, I'm getting what I want but why am I scared & excitedat the same time?

Now my free time would b reading up materials on dogs – I gotta dig up my Animals book, which I had bought soooo many ages ago! :) & bonding with her. Lassie.

I: Ha? LASSIE? Which part of her look like Lassie?

Don't ask me why. Bro named her.

Every1 in the family is against keeping her. I am determined to have her with me. "Ma fan argh.." Ma fan. Ma fan! Then why (my parents) got married? Easy meh?

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