DaVinci Code

All the hype about the best selling book by Dan Brown & the opening of this movie. Not to mention some big hoo haa by a local director who made a "controversial" movie about Chin Peng. It's like the kettle calling the pot black. Stars Hollywood Nice Guy Tom Hanks with longish-thining hair, Audrey & Jean Reno as well as Paul Bettany (Jennifer Connelly's husband) as albino monk/murderer.

Lots of historical places, museums & churches. Some scenes from the past together with the current times. If u don't believe it, it feels like a sci-fi + treasure hunt/investigate the Holy Grail/trail.

DaVinci Code

It's 3hrs long. Sometimes it feels like the movie is too long, at other times, I wished the movie explained more stuff. Wat stuff? Well, er.. I don't really know coz I haven't read the book. Frankly, I'm a bit confused. Or I think I am confused but I'm not? U know that kind of state of mind?

Ok, Jesus was a man, who married Mary. They had a daughter, Sarah. Mary & Jesus' supporters went into hiding & concocted a tale that Jesus died as a God, no marriage, daughter watsoever to protect Mary & Sarah. But after so many yrs, there are ppl who want to find out the truth & expose it. There are ppl who want to control the power over Christians. There are others who think that exposing the truth would cause Christians to break their faith.

I already guessed tat Sophie is the descendant of Jesus, jeez! I just didn't guess tat LOTR/X-Men Professor Leigh to be a teacher.

Finding where Mary laid in peace underneath the stars didn't move me like it did to Robert Langdon. But it does offer another story of Jesus & his VIP in his life.

*grimace* It must hurt a lot, being that Silas.

So there were some surprises but it wasn't as enjoyable as I thought.

Now who has the book?

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