KFC Chicken Chop

The gravy is sth like the mashed potatoes gravy, only this has those small brown mushrooms (mou ku) tat I love! The chicken is ok.. of course not as big as advertised. It's the promise that fast food companies make – "actual food may vary from the picture/ad". Hah.

I ate this coz I had nvr tried it b4. I love chicken. I wanted to win RM50 000 in the scratch contest. I got a 10% Adidas instead. Which I am not going to use. Who wants? Ends on 31st June I think.  

KFC Chic chop

mmm mmm.. mushroom gravy, chic chop, french fries & salad + cold drink

Price: About RM10, I think.

Worth it? Mmm.. it comes with a cold drink. The chicken chop should b bigger tho. Other meals r cheaper – at KFC & McD's. So, I would give it 6/10. 

Surprisingly, there's nothing on KFC Chicken Chop in their website

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