Oh! Sushi

I had tried to post this TWICE! Firefox crashed on me TWICE!

Actually, SmoothOperator had booked a room for Karaoke for ShopMgr's birthday. However, I hated her guts – she gets other ppl to tell bad but essential news & she thinks that shop staffs r so overworked & we @ counters hv life easy with nothing to do *enuff about ShopMgr, I don't want to talk bad about her more* – so I didn't want to postpone my dinner with ji mui Amois another week. We had delayed so many times already…

1st, we checked out the movie schedules.. then went to the directory. Couldn't decide wat to eat. SF decided on Goko. Couldn't find Goko @ 3rd floor. We needed some place where there is rice – SF must eat rice – and where we wouldn't be kicked out after finished eating. In other words, we had to find a place where there weren't many customers haha. Went to Oh! Sushi.

Upon entering the restaurant, u'd hear shouts of WA SA MA SAY! MA SAY!!

SF liked the 2nd meal very much – with 2 temaki, 1 cawanmushi, mee with clear soup and some salad. I liked the 3rd more – 3 temaki!

She told the staff: 1 #2. 1 #3.

I stopped the staff. Told SF: U cannot finish all 1 lar. We share la.

SF: I can finish ar! So little only!

I: Cannot la! We share 1st lar. We can order another dish ma.. & desserts! :D

So we ordered meal #2 and a plate of fried rice (or sth). The rice was quite… wah, so big! (opposite)

Wished I could find a link for the menu or website for Oh! Sushi so u can salivate.. The soup on the mee was really delicious. So was the cawanmushi. :9 yumm…

Almost 3/4 of the food, I asked them, "Full not?" All nodded. Lucky we didn't order another meal – our stomachs were full of green tea – the staffs very quickly refill ours :) – and the soup…
After eating the meal, we looked at the menu for desserts. There were 3 huge pics, others smaller. Didn't know which to choose so I asked the staff, "Which 1 is the most delicious?"

She recommended this coz this 1 had sth tat others didn't:

Oh! Sushi dessert

Ice cream cone upside down, green tea ice cream, lots of mousse cream, some beans, mango, papaya, watermelon, the middle round thing is a soft Japanese biscuit, some red jellies & sweet corn flakes @ bottom. Oh yeah, cherry.

I knew why it crashed AGAIN. 3rd time. Had I learnt my lesson? Yep. I clicked on the HTML edit & then INSERT, tat was when it crashed. I am so not going to edit using HTML to add <pre> </pre> tag till.. I forget about this.

Each of us paid RM20 for delicious food & ji mui company. :) There was a moment of silence but it was ok, we were comfortable enuf tat we didn't hv to speak all the time.

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