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Puppy, puppy…

Updated Poseidon, movie review.

This puppy.. according to YW is a Jack Russell Terrier.

RescueEveryDog – Jack Russell Terrier 

Which is hard to handle. Need lots of exercise & attention. Oh no!

But they are loyal, frenly..

Doggie sit wheel

Doggie sitting in front of bro's gf's car. She's not big. Tat's a Kancil car.

Doggie sit

Doggie sit. Born to be a hunter. She competes with sparrows for rice. Deceptive huh?

Doggie scratch

Doggie scratching herself. We gave her a pillow bigger than her a bit & a towel but she prefers to zzz on the floor!

Doggie head in

Doggie trying to get inside the house - haik!

XOXO. I heart Doggie :*

3 thoughts on “Puppy, puppy…

  1. Jack Russel Terrier… been looking for that dog but no one have it here in my place. :) It will be nice to have hunt to chase the squirels


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