Susan Berman – Spiderweb

Mom had finished this book. She said I wouldn't like it coz it's all about finding her lost/murdered mother. Depressing stuff.

Susan Berman - Spiderweb -  Susan Berman - Spiderweb

But it felt.. childlike when I read Elizabeth Manganaro's flashback to her happy past.

Wow. Apparently, the author is was really connected to the mafia! Like in this book's Elizabeth! Was bcoz she was murdered. My God!

The New York Times – Who Killed the Gangster's Daughter?

Wikipedia – Susan Berman. Oh, the project she was working on was Sin City.Uh huh. is not the official site of the movie. It's more

Sin City

Wow. I had never read any book (as far as I know) tat, well, whose author(s) had been murdered.

Update 22nd June: Finally finished the book a few days ago. It's simple narration. Didn't guess the culprit till she was kidnapped. Huh. Must b brain slowing down..

Rating: 3.5/5 

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