Protection money

Today I had to pay insurance. My bank’s figure decreased… but at least if anything bad happens tat is in the insurance, I can claim (to some extent). This time, cousin paid 4 lunch. I’m considered good already, rarely eat meals with her. For some customers, whenever they pay insurance, they want free food as… Continue reading Protection money

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Next’s aqua top

2 days ago, I went into Next & saw the lovely but simple aqua green top was on 50% sale! Months ago, I didn’t buy it coz I knew it would drop to 50% quite fast & ahh… it shows some parts I don’t reveal. But I hv lots of camisoles at home & I… Continue reading Next’s aqua top

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Early Chinese birthday treat

Mom asked me, “Wat do u want to eat?” It was my early Chinese birthday treat :) Mm.. Chili’s Molten Cake! The other eve when Sam bumped into me, we went to Chili’s to eat dinner with her godsisters but alas, Chili’s Molten Cake wasn’t available. :( As we looked at the menu, she ticked… Continue reading Early Chinese birthday treat

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Hush Puppies Warehouse Sales

Rushed to Armada Hotel after work. It was raining! I had to run to the bus. The ticket bus fella shouted, “Kota Raya!!!” Aiya. At least I ran to the bus stop, not towards the bus like some overzealous guys. Hehe. The next bus came a minute later, right behind this bus. Also shouted, “Kota… Continue reading Hush Puppies Warehouse Sales

Sales & Promotions

For goodwill’s sake

During sales time in our co, we don’t allow exchange. So when customer makes the purchase, we ask them to double check the item(s) because we don’t allow exchange. If the intended customer is not around to try it, eg. as a present or the person is overseas, then we allow exchange provided there is… Continue reading For goodwill’s sake

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Food. Hard to eat

Since putting the braces band (ring) on 4 teeth, I can’t bite properly. :( Yesterday I had KFC’s large mashed potato & Horlicks less ice. Sigh… SO VERY HUNGRY but couldn’t eat fast or solid food. :( I am going to b so thin. No need to buy L’Oreal’s slimming product in green packaging. Next… Continue reading Food. Hard to eat