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Wasn’t tagged but wat the heck, hadn’t done any meme 4 a long time. It’s tagged by Lynnee, of course will do tis :)

1) Name 5 people who are currently on your current list of “most favourite blog mates”.


  1. Lynnee > a spicy life
  2. M > Destination: Unknown
  3. Kawa > Reflections On The River
  4. mates u said? YW’s fwds > Good Notes/Quizzes? I’ve already received them via email b4 he posts them online hah :p


2) Name 5 types of people who irk, amaze, amuse, disgust you.


  1. ppl who try all discounted items & leave them on the floor or fitting room, discard them carelessly & don’t buy any
  2. smokers who puff to death without caring others’ health
  3. ppl who always give empty promises
  4. forgetful ppl who don’t even take extra step to try to remember
  5. being sarcastic all the time



  1. psychics & special talents ppl
  2. Lassie, my puppy who can jump on ppl or bark repeatedly, even after a (soft) smack below the muzzle
  3. ppl who are in trouble or pain but still offer to help others like Mother Theresa, tat Parkinson’s Michael J Fox & Superman’s Christopher Reeve
  4. men who look great as women
  5. men who take care of their family not just in the financial sense but also bringing up the children/family & do chores equally. These men are really rare gems. If u know 1 who’s single & around 17-35yo, pls let me know. :)


  1. humourous ppl in the kind way, not the sarcastic bitches
  2. mmm.. Piggy. Not to be confused with Pig but Pig can be funny sometimes
  3. the drama/gossip by the media. Oh wait, it said ppl who amuses me.. Ok, those ppl who wrote those drama/gossips on celebrities, sports ppl or politicians
  4. ppl can who spend their $ without a care in the world
  5. puppies :* muah!


  1. ppl who think they are better than others & discard others opinion or feelings
  2. cruel ppl who abuse verbally, sexually, physically others
  3. ppl who blame others when they don’t do anything n claim “I’m innocent/I don’t know woooh”
  4. rude ppl
  5. the rich who con poor ppl or authorities/mgrs who abuse their power


3) Name 5 hot male/female celebrities.

  1. Hugh Jackman oooo :p

  2. tat muscular & sweet Brandon Routh as Superman

  3. Keira Knightley
  4. Johnny Depp!
  5. can’t think of who


4) Name 5 things you are passionate about.

  1. reporting & investigating. Ok, blogging, checking emails & surfing la
  2. eat, drink
  3. going to the cinema & watching CSI, Desperate Housewives, Lost, ANTM. Now add Criminal Minds to the list. Las Vegas season 2 is showed too late in the nite else I’d watch this too.
  4. shopping & advertisements from fashion line.
  5. freedom


5) Name 5 blogs that you love reading.

5 is too short!


6) Give 5 phrases that describe you.

  1. diligent haha.
  2. funny at times
  3. wise at other times.
  4. ordinary but special?
  5. try the best tat I can for things tat I care about


Tagging u. YES, U!


Protection money

Today I had to pay insurance. My bank’s figure decreased… but at least if anything bad happens tat is in the insurance, I can claim (to some extent).

This time, cousin paid 4 lunch. I’m considered good already, rarely eat meals with her. For some customers, whenever they pay insurance, they want free food as insurance agents or financial planner as some co calls it get commission for the 1st 6 yrs.

When I came back to shop holding an envelope of policy for PruLady, ShopMgr asked, “Wah, so thick ah ur insurance!”

Some1 asked how much I pay per month. I replied.

“Wah! So much ar?!” every1 in the store room exclaimed.

“Get a man lar. Tat’s ur insurance!” MCL advised.

“Ya loh. U find a man for me loh!” I retorted. :P

Treats @ Secret Recipe & Coffee Bean

Rushed to the bus stop to 1U. YW was going to treat dinner. Again! Wahh, so nice? *raise eyebrows* Coz Mermaid kept pestering him, “You PROMISED u’d treat us Hard Rock! Hard Rock also didn’t treat! Then tat day u treated others but I didn’t go! So when r u going to treat ME?” LOL.

Dashed into the Metro 99 bus. I keep taking Metro 99 lately. Hehheh. When the bus conductor came – it was the same guy from my Hush Puppies/Armada Hotel – I asked, “1U berapa?”

He smiled. “Ini pergi ke Kota Raya.”

Ha? HA?! Aiks, shit!

“Boleh round ke Kota Raya, lepas tu pergi 1U?”

“Err.. ok la.” Then I tot I’d better get down somewhere b4 Kota Raya coz Metro buses are famous for waiting till the bus is full b4 moving. Didn’t pay anything, got down @ Brickfields.

Waited, waited.. faster laaaa…

Inside the bus, I zzz. When I suddenly jerked awake, I peered outside the dark. KDU. Oooh, not yet.

At TV3/8TV, I pressed the bell twice. Tot the bus wouldn’t stop in front of 1U. Walked all the way in… turned out it would stop after the traffic lite. Next time, I know where to press the bell. :)

& I just had to find the washroom!!

SO I was really late to meet them @ Secret Recipe. Niki had Pumpkin soup & meatball spaghetti; Kim had chicken rice set & apple kasturi drink (surprisingly ok.

Secret Recipe’s ice blended & ice lemon tea suck!) while YW had .. I forgot. I had the other soup, Carrot & Ginger & Choc Indulgence.


My carrot & ginger tasted like … pumpkin soup! Niki & I tested our soup, “No ah, urs is really carrot.” Yeah meh? Watever la, I was so hungry!

It was hot inside the room. YW ordered a choc brownie + vanilla ice cream scoop on top.

He & Mermaid kept eating the ice cream. Niki couldn’t even finish her spaghetti but she wanted to drink coffee for 2nd round!

After we finished the brownie, we went off to our own ways. I wanted to check out slippers @ VOIR Shoez. Ah! Found a nice gray 1. No size. :( Passed by Somerset Bay & decided to check out their sales items. They hv more discounted tops! :D Lovely lace/crochetted trim tops! OOoo.. I grabbed, I think 4? to try. The only 1 tat looked great on me was the wrong size. O_O I had accidentally taken a size 9 (M or L?) haha! Felt bad & guilty when I passed the tried tops to the promoter. I know how I feel when ppl try only discounted items and then said, “Not suitable.” It sucks. I hate such ppl.

Ahh, found the correct size & got tat purplish top! :D It has a strip of crochet in the middle, vertically. So it would make me look taller & thinner hehehehe :p

When I reached Jusco, they called to say they were at Coffee Bean & there were 4 drinks on the table. Niki ordered ice mocha latte 4 me. :D Ah, knew my taste. I heart mocha.

There were several mags, 1 of which was RM0.00 as noticed by Niki. She took 1 home to read. Tat woman!

We joked about some of our colleagues since YW always smirked at our “bad taste” on harbouring secret love for a certain now-manager. LOL. As if!

Wanted to ask more about Mermaid’s love life but YW was around. Not sure if YW were aware of the activities tat Mermaid was having.. so didn’t say anything. :|

Had a great time laughing. :D


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