Today only I managed to explain to Thong about Yuin wong. Apparently, he had checked all of the (more than 20 cartons) stock, ShopMgr checked 3 cartons only. Tat was why ShopMgr told him tat he could just leave the storaging part to other staffs. On another lighter note, this is beautiful huh? :) It’s… Continue reading Apparently


Where are all the real men?

PotatoGal: If ur bf break up with u, he fell in love with a guy, how would u feel? Wat would u do? I: Mmm.. he fell in love with me. He tot he was in love with me but he wasn’t, then he fell in love with the other guy- PotatoGal: NO!! NO! After… Continue reading Where are all the real men?


Cultural Difference or Chinese Wisdom?

Testing Gadget – a mini version. :) An American, a Japanese and a Chinese went for a hike one day. It was very hot. They were sweating and exhausted. When they came upon a small lake, they took off all their clothes and jumped into the water, since it was fairly secluded. Feeling refreshed,… Continue reading Cultural Difference or Chinese Wisdom?


Kathleen Eagle – Night Falls like Silk

At 1st it was confusing. U’ll only find out who the baddie is at the last chapters. Idea was interesting – wat the comic graphic artist imagined & put into his work, it becomes reality. But I was put off by the slang tat they use. But author Kathleen Eagle had written lots of books… Continue reading Kathleen Eagle – Night Falls like Silk


Flo Fitzpatrick – Ghost of a Chance

Among all 3 books tat mom rented: Shopaholic & Sister Kathleen Eagle – Night Falls like Silk Flo Fitzpatrick – Ghost of a Chance this is the best of the bunch. :) It’s funny, exciting – I didn’t want to get my much needed zzz @ nite when I read this several nites ago. The… Continue reading Flo Fitzpatrick – Ghost of a Chance

Etiquette · Food


A promoter behing my counter & I always greet each other wit, “OI!” or “HOI!” :D It’s like our fun code for “hi”. I only use “oi” with close ppl. If they are acquantainces, I DEFINATELY wouldn’t use “oi” coz it’s rude. With buddies, it’s a cheeky or happy “oi”. Today, there was an Indian… Continue reading Oi!