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The perfect man is a unicorn

After Linkin’ Park’s concert in KL yrs ago, FilmGuy fetched Nat & I home. He read a book about psychology test & asked us several questions. Among them was.. “U r in the dessert. U see horse. Describe the horse.”

I: A unicorn. It’s coming over slowly. I go over to pet it. It let me pet it & even nudge me..

I forgot wat Nat answered but I remembered Sam’s answer.

Sam: 3 horses. 2 big, 1 small. 1 happy family.

FilmGuy explained, “The horse is ur ideal mate.”

Uh huh.

“Yours don’t exist.” He said to me. Oh shit. Obviously he didn’t believe in fairy tale.. Obviously I’m delusional. Ha. Ha. I’m looking 4 the magical guy. Which is very very hard, if not impossible.

For Sam’s diagnosis.. now tat was interesting. She meant a happy family. Mother, father & child together. In real life, she’s separated from her biological father. So she probably wants a complete family. On the other hand… she was flirting with several YOUNGER guys! So Nat’s interpretation was, “Ha! I KNEW IT! U want young & older guys! So many somemore!”

Ohh. Actually the 1st tot on my mind was a huge group of big strong horses were running towards me & I was afraid I would b trampled. Translation: I was fearing tat there were LOTS of macho men chasing me. *howl with laughter*

But I met a unicorn. :) Of course I was wearing a white dress.

Rainbow & Unicorn

Yest PotatoGal asked me, “Whey! So old already, not finding bf ar?!”

How to find? So easy meh?

But then, I just heard from a classmate tat 1 schoolmate is registering marriage, another married. So fast.

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