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Civilizing Ur Puppy

With the doggie @ home bitting on almost every shoe & slipper available – & also bro’s hand – sometimes we get frust while training her.

Lynnee went to this Payless Book sale & got me this:

Barbara J. Welde - Civilizing Your Puppy

Barbara J. Welde - Civilizing Your Puppy

Original price listed was RM12. It was under 70% discount!!! So it’s RM3.60! ONLY! :D It was SOOOOOOO worth it!

She advised ppl not to use chain leash. I agreed too. It’s heavy, a bit harsh on the puppy. But bro bought a chain leash & he believes he’s doing the right thing in taking care of the dog – including caning it when it’s naughty – like bitting him. Sigh. I felt he was more abusing the puppy than teaching her.

When he takes off to US to study – I hope I’ll b working as a different position tat allows me more free time – I’ll retrain puppy..


3 thoughts on “Civilizing Ur Puppy

  1. Have you heard of the book Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan? It’s worth checking out — he’s known as the Dog Whisperer. Good luck with the pup!


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