Cannot see

Ralph was so interested in seeing my payslip. I was the last 1 who hadn’t taken my payslip as well as bonus letter. He was the latest permanent/full time who didn’t get any bonus coz he just joined, I think 1month ago. He had been moaning about it to EVERY1. He had moaned at least thrice with me. GAWD! I hate whiners ok – blame the habit, not the person – ppl who only whine when the bonus is from last yr till the month where he still HADN’T even joined!
So when I was searching 4 my payslip, he quickly came over & asked to c my payslip, his body craning over the counter. I told him, “CANNOT.”

But I let Thong & MCL looked at my payslip. Which he saw. He asked, “U said cannot look?!” I looked at him but didn’t reply him.

I mean u can calculate the bonus la. Every1 in our co knew how much we would get. I JUST KNOW he wanted to c how much I get last month, including OT, commission, etc. :P NO WAY!

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