Dutch Lady – Orange Mango YogHurt Drink

Shit, I hv stomache now. U think it’s from the Drinking Yoghurt? I hv been drinking it almost everyday. Today, I drank it twice. Once after pulling out teeth – I got it at Village Shop inside Bangsar Village at RM3.70. I tot it was more $ than Jusco or Carre4. Hehe. I was wrong. Jusco’s selling it at RM3.80.. 10cents higher. In the bottle, it wrote 1 serving is 220g. The bottle is 750g. So, 750/220 = 3.409 times. Aghh.. gtg!

I’m back. On the bottle, it announced 0% fat. Now, there’s no way it’s 0.00000% fat. Read an article in newspaper tat 0% fat actually has some fat but it’s really low. U can dig up the info online.

The bottle is shaped like a woman’s body – it’s easy to hold. There are 1 flavour, 2 flavours mixed like Orange + Mango, Lime + Lemon, Raspberry + Strawberry, or Tropical Fruits (mix of several fruits).

I saw BlackHairedGal buying this drink everyday & I tot she was nuts to buy a drink this $ EVERYDAY. Then I tried the mango & got addicted.

I’m not going to drink any Yoghurt Drink morrow or this weekend. I try to avoid pain if possible. :)

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