Bitchy neighbour customers

There were 2 women with weathered skin and thick makeup waiting at neighbour’s counter. I saw they had been waiting there for awhile so I asked if they were waiting for sth.

WeatheredWoman: We are waiting for pants. Size 37.

I: They (neighbour’s brand) don’t hv size 37.

WeatheredWoman: The girl is in the storeroom getting it.

I: Oh.

WeatheredWoman said in a bitchy way: Ur own brand also u don’t know.

I: I’m not from this brand.

Butt ji, butt cho. If some1 doesn’t know sth, you can’t blame some1 for sth. ^_^ But the 1 who patronized me for not knowing the brand’s size is pure bitch.

Later, they came to our counter demanding to see size 38. I just looked at them. Chimmy told them, “We don’t hv size 38. Biggest is 36.” Gleefully. :p

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