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A promoter behing my counter & I always greet each other wit, “OI!” or “HOI!” :D It’s like our fun code for “hi”.

I only use “oi” with close ppl. If they are acquantainces, I DEFINATELY wouldn’t use “oi” coz it’s rude. With buddies, it’s a cheeky or happy “oi”.

Today, there was an Indian lady, possibly in her 50’s dressed in bright yellow canary sari. From a glance, u’d think tat she’s articulate, well educated yet polite coz she was wearing her Indian traditional apparel!

She shouted across the empty aisle to any1, “OI! WHERE’S THE EXIT?!” I was standing about 20 feet away. Blondie was standing 30 feet away. Both of us pointed towards the exit. I added, “Over there.”

Wat a bitch! Tat’s no manners calling us “OI!” Who did she think she is?

Another method of calling service line ppl is making smooching sounds or whistling. Like the other person is a dog? Or ur sex slave? *glare* I know some ppl get mamak waiter to get the bill or order in the noisy environment by creating a ruckus or sth out of ordinary which became so ordinary, esp smooching sounds. *cuit cuit* At least it’s ok in mamak. Not in a restaurant where u pay RM170 for a Italianni’s dinner pls. Yuh. I was internally digusted. *paiseh*

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