Where are all the real men?

PotatoGal: If ur bf break up with u, he fell in love with a guy, how would u feel? Wat would u do?

I: Mmm.. he fell in love with me. He tot he was in love with me but he wasn’t, then he fell in love with the other guy-

PotatoGal: NO!! NO! After dating u, he want to break up. He loves another man. How?!!

Brokeback Mountain

I: Ahh… I’d rather the 3rd person is a guy. Coz I totally can’t fight already. (Not physically. Physically still can fight :p) He’s already gay mah, then I know it’s not my problem. It’s his biological (sexual larr) preferences!

PotatoGal: Eeiyea, I’d rather it be a she! But a guy wohhhhh!! GUY WOH?!!!!!! Don’t u feel so cha to lose out to a guy?

I: At least I’m not losing him to a girl mahh.

U can’t fight mostly biological DNA with gays. Or bis for tat matter. Of course environment influence too but mostly it’s still in DNA.

SmoothOperator: I don’t know why. I prefer to smell females perfume.

PotatoGal: Aiya, u OK loh! Not wavy!

So… if a guy like to smell females fragrances, does it mean he likes to smell female smells or he wants to smell like a female fragrance?! Ahhhh…

Lots of effeminate guys. Pretty boys. Feminine boys. Slutty bitchy guys. Everywhere.

In the future, there won’t be any male left.

PotatoGal: Then we all bcome lesbians. HAHHAA.

Gustave Courbet, The Sleep

Gustave Courbet, The Sleep

2 thoughts on “Where are all the real men?

  1. one of the reasons that the perfume was created is not just only to cover the stinking fox smell. It’s to attract the opposite sex.


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