Short birthday celebration with Jas

After Jas’s karaoke celebration which MCL & I joined after we had finished our shift, she found out about our birthdays & remembered it. On my birthday, she came upstairs (fragrance & beauty are 1 floor below Men’s) and shouted gleefully, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She clapped. :D Auntie Jas is 1 urban chic. Then she asked,… Continue reading Short birthday celebration with Jas


Dept store’s briefing

I didn’t know the briefing had changed from 9.15am -9am so I tot I was early 5min but I was actually late 10min, tho the briefing started only 5mins b4 I came in. I didn’t miss anything. When we arrived, we – late comers – were told to line up at the front to show… Continue reading Dept store’s briefing


Dangerous sex in Malaysian youths

In NST’s front page – Shocking! Shocking! High degree of sexual promiscuity and ignorance on campus 18 Aug 2006 Shamini Darshni KUALA LUMPUR: They either have no fear or are ignorant. Either way, Malaysia’s best and brightest are flirting with AIDS and death every day, suggests a survey of private colleges and public universities. One… Continue reading Dangerous sex in Malaysian youths



Do I complain too much? MSN has the answer > Do You Complain Too Much? (Or Not Enough?) Why women love to vent. Plus, how to tell when your griping is healthy and when it’s more likely to bring you down. By Hagar Scher It started out innocently. I was attending brunch at a friend’s… Continue reading Complain