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Short birthday celebration with Jas

After Jas’s karaoke celebration which MCL & I joined after we had finished our shift, she found out about our birthdays & remembered it.

On my birthday, she came upstairs (fragrance & beauty are 1 floor below Men’s) and shouted gleefully, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She clapped.

:D Auntie Jas is 1 urban chic.

Then she asked, “If I want to cut 1 song in many videos can ar?”

“Ooooo.. want to ask me burn 4 u lah!” I caught her.

“Yaa.. and also wished you birthday loh.”

Later during our lunch time, I went down to ‘pickup’ PotatoGal @ Ladies. Jas pulled me into her facial room & PotatoGal shouted, “Quick!!!”

There was a slice of Secret Recipe cake! With a candle burning!

They quickly sang Happy Birthday song & we all clapped. Made a quick wish & the blew the candle off. *Hugs & kisses* PotatoGal cringed & shrank away to the door. I cut 3 small pieces n fed all of us then PotatoGal & I headed to real lunch. :D

Quick n happy :)

Birthday dinner with frens

When we reached there, it was drizzling. Crocroach came over with an umbrella & we got into his – get this – a double storey house! He’s SINGLE! Not dating any1 (as far as I know)!

Sam & Chai were there already, watching tv. All the bbq food was spread out on the round table. Wow. Lots of food. Lots of preparation – sweat & blood there :)

But it was still raining. Crocroach went out to buy some breads. Sam, Chai (& Sal?) made some tuna sandwiches :) Hungry, hungry!

Then more ppl came, including T-Bone & then a guy from Crocroach & Chai’s school who looked realllly familiar with Sam & I.

Sam squinted at him (he was standing far away), “He looks familiar la.”

“Ya loh!” I thought he looked like an ex-staff of my company who still work in the same shopping mall, albeit in another company.

“From our school ar?” Sam asked me.

“Don’t know leh. Let’s ask him. Which school from primary to college,” I suggested.

We asked him, “Eh, u look familiar laa.”

He nodded like he was unsure. He drawled, “Yeeeaaaa.. ”

He looked at both of us slowly, “You look familiar too.”

“Where had we seen you b4?” Either Sam or I asked.

Crocroach thought hard, “Last time watched LOTR together!”

“Yeah meh?” I was skeptical. I didn’t remember watching such a great epic with stranger.

I looked at Chai to confirm. Chai looked at me, “I wasn’t in the same cinema as you guys. I was late with Jim. But yeah, I think must have met from there.” She nodded to herself.

T-Bone asked me, “You didn’t pray for the rain to stop leh?” I thought about what I had wished earlier.

I went out to the balcony where the bbq set was there & looked at the navy-purplish sky. I prayed silently (not hard). I ahh.. hadn’t prayed hard for sometime. Mostly I pray for God to give me a free car. & a better job where I can travel. Heheh. I don’t pray for the weather.. unless I shall be travelling. Maybe I didn’t pray hard enuf. Or God thinks, “Who is this lazy gal just want this want tat but doesn’t do anything?” *head down*

When the heavy rain started to become drizzling, they set up the fire & then more ppl came in. Crocroach’s frens from Scouts back in 2ndary school. 2 couples, I think. The guy looked like Car’s bf’s bro though I had no idea how his bro looked like. They had the same facial bones. Eh.. actually I was kap kan chai la… too bad, taken liao.

Later FootballGal, Mic & her baby (!) came with her young Indonesian maid. Others who had never seen Mic’s baby cooed & oooh. Her baby cried. So many strangers. In a strange room. I smiled at him. He stared then he bawled. Scared of my braces maybe?

There were several flavours of err.. for bbq:

  1. salmon sausages
  2. with cheese sausages (my fav!)
  3. mmm… normal sausages with teriyaki sauces
  4. the other is sausages soaked with yellow thing.

Then there was cubes of coco de nata drink mixed with mango/orange juice. Or is it nata de coco? Heh, I’m no expert in food.

We also had fish.. which I didn’t taste! Aiya, now only I remembered I didn’t taste the fish! Some1 brought (or made?) pulut. It was in greenish-yellow colour but soft.

After Crocroach’s frens went away, we sang the Happy Birthday song & I cut the cake into pieces for everyone. It’s a small chocolate cake from Bread Story or the other Bread company but the box was in lime green. DELICIOUS! :9 It had some sort of thin layer of jelly on top, like gel & some part of mousse cream? 3 strawberries on top. Which I didn’t get even 1 bite but tat was ok. :D

On the way to God knows where

Didn’t know where the dinner was held but ordered by Chai to “make sure you are free on ur birthday!” 2 weeks in advance! :D Hehe.. I felt sooo wanted.
Of course I JUST HAD to be on morning shift or off on birthday. Nyek nyek. :p

A day b4 my birthday, I received an sms, “bring shorts & singlet”. Enuf said. Either it’s the beach or bbq :)

On the day itself, I changed in the toilet instead of 1 of our changing rooms coz I didn’t want any1 to see my marked legs. Itchy hands!! Plus, I didn’t bring any slippers so I had to wear my working shoes – with a singlet & shorts! Imagine tat. With big round spec. ;)

Jim & Sal moaned, “Aiiiooo.. raining!”

So it must b bbq? :)

Jim asked, “Hv u been to Crocroach’s house?”

I replied, “No.. He had moved already so many months, I still haven’t been there. How about you?”

He replied, “I also no. I agak agak know how to go..”


“Crocroach gave me the map & I read it already.”

Sal asked his bf, “U read the map?” like he didn’t know how to read map or even read map at all. :P

“Yeah!” He defended himself like he is an expert in reading maps. Aha. We had gotten lost when he read map. :p
Somehow the secret location – I didn’t ask & they didn’t tell me earlier – came out.

“You didn’t know we are going there meh?” he asked.



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