Kose promoters

Kose is having fair @ MV near MPH. On the 1st morning of the fair, I saw all their promoters gathered in meeting. Whoaaa! All aunties! All had porcelain skin from fair! & most of them are chubby… When Chimmy saw them, he exclaimed, “Wah! So many Jas!” Jas is the promoter for Kose, whose… Continue reading Kose promoters


Female vs male part timer

We have a girl & guy part timer. ShopMgr asked PotatoGal, “Who do u want? Girl or guy?” PotatoGal immediately shouted, “GUY LOH!” So, the guy was supposed to be @ Ladies since Ladies do not have any permanent/full time staff. Unfortunately for PotatoGal, the approval for the guy hadn’t reached our dept store so… Continue reading Female vs male part timer

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New uniform for Fall

Our new uniform is in pink! I had just bought a pink shirt! I’m thinking… mayb I can change the colour.. mmm? Since I’m thinner than b4, I can wear XS for shirt. But just now, I tried XS for pants. It was a llliiiiiiiiitle bit tight @ waist. I better take back S for… Continue reading New uniform for Fall


Jasmine Women

I still had another free ticket from winning Sony/L’Oreal UltraViolet. The other movie distributed by Buena Vista International other than Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest would be Jasmine Women, starring Zhang Zi Yi & Joan Chen. Both are major stars from China, (currently Zi Yi, in late 90’s Joan Chen) hot in the… Continue reading Jasmine Women


Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man’s Chest

http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/pirates/ The draw for me would be: swaying Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow gorgeous Keira comedy & action Those sea creatures are ugly but not disgusting. The beach is gorgeous! The 1st 1 is more memorable but both are equally enjoyable. :) I don’t hv a burning want to watch part 3, unlike after… Continue reading Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man’s Chest


Another interview

Position: Property sth Company: Local (job agency) Field: Real estate, sales Industry: Real estate Location: Not as near as I thought Last week, I received a call from a job agency for a job I applied via another online job agency. I had informed the caller that I needed to check the location of interview… Continue reading Another interview

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Mature ladies are hotter

I stayed back & discussed time table with PotatoGal. & also part timers. Then Thong & SmoothOperator’s gf came, walking together. I heard SmoothOperator was jealous of Thong coz his gf used to chase Thong unabashedly but Thong was interested in “mature ladies”. “Wah, pak to ahh? Walking in together!” I asked PotatoGal. We laughed.… Continue reading Mature ladies are hotter