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Kose promoters

Kose is having fair @ MV near MPH.

On the 1st morning of the fair, I saw all their promoters gathered in meeting. Whoaaa! All aunties! All had porcelain skin from fair! & most of them are chubby…

When Chimmy saw them, he exclaimed, “Wah! So many Jas!”

Jas is the promoter for Kose, whose counter is rite in front of ours. She used to b very close with Thong when Thong was working @ Ladies. She’s an auntie. Single & available ah :) Funny also leh!

Female vs male part timer

We have a girl & guy part timer.

ShopMgr asked PotatoGal, “Who do u want? Girl or guy?”

PotatoGal immediately shouted, “GUY LOH!”

So, the guy was supposed to be @ Ladies since Ladies do not have any permanent/full time staff.

Unfortunately for PotatoGal, the approval for the guy hadn’t reached our dept store so he couldn’t come in. Yet, the girl’s memo was approved. So, the girl came in to work in Ladies last weekend.

ShopMgr said slowly, “Mayb next week (which is this week) we’ll send the guy over to Ladies instead. Coz he’s a bit slow. Also, MCL is taking leave.”


PotatoGal is taking leave tis weekend too. I shall be taking full shift @ Ladies this Sat since new part timer may need some1 senior. Full shift I no like. Full shift on weekends? Very Tiring.

To ShopMgr, whoever tat’s slow is deported to dept store coz we hv less customers compared to shop. But over @ dept store, 1 must b very independent & learn up fast as well as responsible for everything from serving cu, display arrangements (Visual merchandize), replenish stock when needed, admin/paper work, transfer out, checking stock, closing, etc.

So PotatoGal was happy tat the guy is coming. But in reality, we all don’t know how good he is. Chimmy didn’t like him coming over, “He complained leg pain on the 1st day of work ah. So siew ye chai.”

“Of course will pain lar, 1st day ma,” I said.

New uniform for Fall

Our new uniform is in pink! I had just bought a pink shirt! I’m thinking… mayb I can change the colour.. mmm?

Since I’m thinner than b4, I can wear XS for shirt. But just now, I tried XS for pants. It was a llliiiiiiiiitle bit tight @ waist. I better take back S for pants coz we need to check stock – all tat bending & squatting need comfortable if not loose pants. :)


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